Teen Earth Magic

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Teen Earth Magic

An intensive retreat for teens and young adults

Created in cooperation with Starhawk

Early-to-mid June, 2019 – near Santa Cruz CA

Join us for six amazing and transformative days of magic and Earth activism. We will announce 2019 dates soon.

Young people who will be teens any time this year can apply to attend with parent’s permission. Older youth can apply to be part of our Young Adults Path (see next page).

We’ll do tarot, habitat restoration, spellwork, activism, nightime rituals – and learn a lot about our relation to the Earth and to each other. Be ready to laugh, work, create, play, sing – maybe all at the same time.

Come together with young people who care about the world. We welcome folks from Reclaiming and kindred communities – read our Principles at Reclaiming.org. Group-building and trust exercises will be part of our work, and we hope to create lasting connections.

What Is Teen Earth Magic?

Teen Earth Magic is a Reclaiming-sponsored annual youth retreat in Northern California.

TEM was created in 2008 in cooperation with Starhawk and Earth Activist Trainings. Camp is organized and taught by Reclaiming teachers, student-teachers, and special guests.

Camp is open to anyone who will be a teen anytime this year, with parent or guardian’s consent. Older youth can apply to be part of our Young Adults Path.

Teen Earth Magic is an intensive magical and activist retreat – a focused workshop that includes ritual, earth activist skills, labyrinth work, encounter groups, and a lot more. Be ready to laugh work, create, play, sing – maybe all at the same time.

In mid-June each year, Teen Earth Magic gathers in Northern California to deepen our relations with the Earth and with one another.

Come together with other young people who care about the world. Folks from a number of communities around the Reclaiming network will be taking part. Group-building and trust exercises are part of our work, and we hope to create lasting connections.

Once again we’ll share a week’s worth of workshops and other activities, ranging from nightly rituals to personal transformation work to a swim in a local river or lake to political and ecological activism and commitment.

Longtime campers return as student teachers, kitchen witches, etc – making this a gathering of Reclaiming’s most active youth and young adults.

For more information, email us at teenearthmagic@gmail.com

Teen Earth Magic Workbook – see it now!

Info for Parents

Teen Earth Magic is strongly supported by parents, who help with cooking, transportation, and in-camp support.

We want parents to feel free to raise questions and concerns prior to camp, and to help us create the strongest possible experience for our young people.

Organizers are based in several Reclaiming communities, and have been involved in a half-dozen Witchcamps. The first Teen Earth Magic (in 2008) grew out of Teens’ Path at California’s Witchlets in the Woods family camp.

Teachers have taught or organized with Vermont Witchcamp, Free Activist Witchcamp, Loreley Witchcamp (Western Europe), and Winter Witchcamp, as well as Witchlets and Redwood Magic family camps. Questions from teens and parents are especially welcome.

Contact teenearthmagic@gmail.com

Young Adult Path

The Young Adult Path is designed for a limited number of older teens and young adults – witches, activists, seekers, shamans, urban homesteaders, and nature-worshippers of all sorts at the cusp of the transition into adulthood.

Here’s a chance to build empowerment in community and learn more deeply about ourselves, while contributing to the magic of Teen Earth Magic in a dynamic way.

We’ll tap deeply into what each of us has to offer from our hearts — which might be leadership and service, teaching, mentoring younger folks, skill-sharing, kitchen-witching, ritual organizing, or something unexpected and mysterious — and help create the container of camp.

This is an opportunity to learn ritual creation and group facilitation, to hone community and magical skills, to bond with people facing many of the same joys and challenges, and to find out about ourselves as we head into the world in ever new and more adventuresome ways.

For more information, contact teenearthmagic@gmail.com