Teen Earth Magic 2022 – June 10-13!

Our June 2022 camp is scheduled for June 10-13 at the NEST near Santa Cruz.

Conditions permitting, we will hold this camp in person. Participants will need to be vaccinated for covid or have a test immediately prior to camp. Contact us with any questions.

Visit our Home Page for more about our camp, or our Reg page to sign up or for cost and scholarship information.

Email us for questions or more info:


TEM Teens retreat – Sept 2021!

September 4-6 – near Santa Cruz CA

Join Teen Earth Magic for a mini-camp over labor Day weekend, September 4-6, near santa Cruz CA!

We’ll do magic, rituals, games, music – and even find some time to just hang out!

Reclaiming-friendly Teens who will be 13-19 any time in the next year are welcome. You do not need to “belong” to attend – however, please read Reclaiming’s Principles of Unity.

Visit our reg page for details on this year;’s mini-camp.

Our Magical Ancestors – an essay

Luke Hauser’s new essay on alternative history – free download or read online

Who are these people who call themselves Pagans, Witches, and workers of magic? Where did they come from?

Join Luke Hauser for an illustrated, occasionally tongue-in-cheek journey through our magical lineages, from ancient Mesopotamia to Gardner, Valiente, and the Wiccan Revival of modern days.

Think of this as a pleasant excursion, not a treadmill.

Read what calls to you. Skip around as you wish. Feel free to ignore entire sections.

Just know that when you reach the Isle of Apples, you may be tested on this material.

Click here for free download | Click here ​to read online

“Erudite, good-humoured, generous, with that open-minded readiness to recognise merit in many different sources of inspiration that is one of the best features of the Reclaiming tradition.”

– Ronald Hutton, Professor of History, University of Bristol

“Presents an enormous amount of material in a very attractive and readable way.”

– Michael D. Bailey, Department of History, Iowa State University / Associate Editor: Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft

Graphic: Hieronymus Bosch

Spiral Dance Playlist 2019!

Here’s the updated version of our 2019 Spiral Dance music, including Suzanne Sterling & Skyclad’s Elements song.

Spiral Dance playlist on youtube and Spotify

The youtube version also features a short Place of Power meditation – we need a recording of an ancestor trance complete with a journey to the Isle of Apples!

Youtube also includes both spiral dance promo videos – very fun!

Spiral Dance Playlist on Youtube and Spotify

Lotsa Reclaiming Playlists – click here!

Photo by Michael Rauner – Spiral Dance 2008.