SCREEEM – Screen Earth Magic – June 2021!


Above – the official 2020 SCREEEM photo (well, the folks who were online that afternoon, anyway) – see below for the real photo!

Due to health concerns, we will hold our June 13-17, 2021 camp online. Email us (see below) with questions and to register.

Last year, we held our first-ever online camp via zoom – Screen Earth Magic, aka SCREEEM!

We did nightly rituals (some deep, some less than fully serious), afternoon workshops, a discussion about racism and diversity, late-night games, a talent show, and more.

Our camp was small but dedicated, with young folks from age 13 to mid-20s. The activities were mostly organized and led by young adults.

For questions or to be on our update list for future years, email us:

Click here to see our Teen Earth Magic Workbook!

Screen Earth Magic – after five days on zoom!


TEM 2020 – Download Our Brochure!

Download our 2020 Camp Brochure!

Teen Earth Magic – June 14-19, 2020 – near Santa Cruz

Download our 2020 brochure with information about our camp and how to register or contact us.

2020 marks our 13th year of magic! Registration is now open – visit our Registration page.

We welcome young people ages 13-17 with permission or parent or guardian. Folks age 18-up can apply to be part of our Young Adult Mentors path. See Reg Page for details.

Teen Earth Magic – free workbook

Read more about our camp and the Reclaiming tradition of which we are part in our 350-page workbook loaded with interviews, rituals, workings, activism and more. Not to mention a whole bunch of pictures!

Teen Earth Magic Book – print edition or free download