TEM Teens retreat – Sept 2021!

September 4-6 – near Santa Cruz CA

Join Teen Earth Magic for a mini-camp over labor Day weekend, September 4-6, near santa Cruz CA!

We’ll do magic, rituals, games, music – and even find some time to just hang out!

Reclaiming-friendly Teens who will be 13-19 any time in the next year are welcome. You do not need to “belong” to attend – however, please read Reclaiming’s Principles of Unity.

Visit our reg page for details on this year;’s mini-camp.

TEM Workbook – Now Available!

The Teen Earth Magic book, which gathers workings, interviews, photos, and more from the first ten years of Reclaiming’s youth camp, is now available! Proceeds benefit TEM.

Available on Amazon or as a free PDF.

Teen Earth Magic grew out of Reclaiming family camp organizing, and includes young people from Redwood Magic, Witchlets, and other camps.

The Teen Earth Magic Workbook – not for teens only! – focuses on empowerment, awareness, and action.

Visit teenearthmagic.org/workbook/

This unique and powerful tool, based on twelve years of rituals, classes, and grassroots activism at Reclaiming’s Teen Earth Magic camp, gathers 350 pages of Reclaiming-style magic plus 40 years of music and other resources – much of it free online.

Hundreds of ideas for teens, adults, teachers, and organizers – spellcrafting, divination, activism, pentacle magic, and much more.

Illustrated with dozens of photos from our California-based youth retreat, sibling camps Witchlets in the Woods and Redwood Magic Family Camp, and events such as the Spiral Dance and street activism, the book includes:

  • step-by-step skills and practice in creating magical rituals
  • sample rituals including an online ritual; magical activism
  • interviews with participants about the meaning of magic and how we can use it to help change ourselves and the world
  • dozens of spells and workings that can be done alone or in groups; solitary and small-circle magic
  • dealing with curses and negative energy; pentacle workings; intuitive tarot and divination
  • chants for rituals and everyday magic
  • and much more!

With a Foreword by Starhawk, whose Earth Activist Training courses helped inspire Teen Earth Magic.

Available on Amazon or as a free PDF.

Visit teenearthmagic.org/workbook/



Chants Lists for TEM Book

We’ve created some playlists to accompany various rituals and workings in the Teen Earth Magic book.

You’ll also find links to all of our chants albums, plus meditations with Starhawk and more.

TEM Playlists – to accompany our new book, or anytime

Teen Earth Magic book – latest draft free online

You can cue up these lists (mainly youtube, some also on spotify) and have them ready as you do the ritual – perfect for singing along during solo or small-group rituals.

Or you can play them while you wash your cat, cook vegan lasagna, or procrastinate doing your homework!