TEM Book – Chants Links

Links to playlists and chants used for rituals and workings in the Teen Earth Magic workbook – plus bonus playlists!

Way to the Well (a trance journey with Starhawk)

A Grounding Ritual (chants to accompany ritual in TEM Book)

Let It Begin Now (a musical trance journey)

Spiral Dance videos (classic footage of our Samhain ritual)

A Water Ritual (chants to accompany ritual in TEM Book)

Reclaiming Chants Playlists (all our albums and more – find the perfect chant!)

Grounding Meditation with Starhawk (Tree of Life)

Interviews etc with Starhawk (a youtube miscellany)

Solstice in the Streets – hand-colored posters (song by Suzanne Sterling)

Campfire Chants – perfect for after the ritual – or anytime!