Teen Earth Magic – the workbook!

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“Welcome to Teen Earth Magic!”

Each year, these words open our camp.

With this book, we welcome you to our circle.

We prepared this book of rituals, exercises, and workings so that you could do the same magical workings we do at our camps – alone, or with a circle in your home area.

Reclaiming-style magic can be done in large groups, smaller circles, or alone. You’ll find a section of the Introduction that talks about Circles and Solitaries.

There are several ways to get started.

Read the Introduction and Ritual chapters. You’ll hear directly from participants in our camps – What is Earth magic? Why and when do we do rituals? How do we take magic into our daily lives? What do we (or don’t we) believe about magic and spirituality?

Jump straight into one of the rituals. The Rituals chapter has several rituals that you can do alone or with a small circle – there’s even a drum-trance ritual guided by Starhawk that you can find online. Read the Intent for each ritual to find one that calls to you. There’s also a section on how to create your own rituals using workings from this book or ones you invent.

Flip through the Workings chapter and find one you like. Each working can stand alone – although you’ll probably want to start off by reading Ritual Skills: Sacred Space: Quick Ways, which shows how to create a magical circle as a container for other workings.

Make up more ways. In Reclaiming we say: “Each person is their own spiritual authority.” Each of us creates our own best ritual and magic. The purpose of this book is to share some basic skills and tools and to help you discover what works for you. We hope that someday you’ll be able to attend Teen Earth Magic or one of our other Witchcamps. You can learn more in the Resources section of this book.

For now – blessings on your work with our book.

Welcome to the magic!

Print Edition (B&W) now available on Amazon!

Download the TEM Book – free online

Chants Playlists to accompany the TEM book